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Common Construction Equipment Names and Pictures

Those who are in construction business would know very well that there are three major types of construction machines used for constructing buildings, roads, dams, bridges and the likes. These are earthwork machinery like excavators, dozers and loaders etc; roadwork machinery like road paver, chip spreaders, and compactor etc; and lifting machinery like cranes. Here in this article, you will come across the most popular and most widely used construction machines names and pictures with short descriptions about them.

Excavators, Dozer, Loaders – Construction Machines

These three are perhaps the most common construction machinery- excavators, dozers (bulldozer is the most famous name) and loaders.


Excavators- Excavators are the heavy construction and engineering machines that are used for digging and moving large objects on construction sites. Used heavily for making roads, buildings, highways, skyscrapers etc. excavators are indispensable for any project.

Dozer- A dozer is also heavy equipment used to clear and grade land. These machines have continuous treads and a broad hydraulic blade in their front portion and are classified functionally on the basis of types of blades in a dozer. The two most popular dozers are the bulldozers and the scrape dozers.

Loader- Loaders, as the name suggests, are used on building sites to upload sand, debris, dirt and mud into other vehicles. Their end aim is to clear rubble and digging materials on the sites.

Chip Spreader, Road Paver, Compactor- Road Machines

While the excavators, dozers, and loaders can be seen on any construction site, there are certain specific machines that are only used while making roads.


Chip Spreader- This self-propelled road machine is used for pre-coated chipping surface treatments. It is also used in repairing works. Stone chipping gives quality and durability to roads and chip spreader is the main equipment used for this.

Paver- Also called road paving machine, it is used for laying pavement. Screed, tractor and lorry are its main component parts. It gets the material from lorry and places it in correct dimensions onto the prepared surface forming a mat like structure. This mat is then compacted by road rollers.

Compactor- The compactors reduce the size of waste materials through compaction and are found in different shapes, sizes and configuration. Plate compactors, vibratory compactors, sheets foot compactors, steel rollers compactors with rubber tyres, etc. are some of the popular types of this construction machinery.

Cranes- Lifting Machines


Cranes are also an indispensable equipment for constructing purposes. These are huge tower like machines having provisions for lifting and lowering materials. They are operated by cab operator or with the help of infrared or radio signals. There are many types of lifting cranes such as tracked cranes, vehicle cranes or the truck mounted cranes and crawler cranes.

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Drilling Equipment Used By Drilling Companies

Drilling equipment pertains to components and machinery that you can use to drill on a hard surface or wall, whether it is made of soil or manmade materials like concrete. Different kinds of drilling equipment are available for construction, masonry, and oil. It might be expensive to buy your own drilling equipment for a small project, so it makes more sense to rent them from drilling companies.

Drill Rigs

Drill rigs are mechanical structures that can create boreholes or shafts in the ground. Drill rigs are commonly used for exploring sources of petroleum and off-shore extraction, but they are also useful in many purposes including water well drilling, construction, environmental, and mineral exploration purposes.

There are different drilling rig designs for different purposes in land-based portable boring for geothermal, water-well, construction, and environmental drilling. There are various extraction methods for exploring and extracting underground materials, too. Examples are the use of compressed air for mineral exploration, flame jet drilling, hydro-jet drilling, and sonic waves.

Drilling 1


Soil Nail Machine

This can be a crucial drilling equipment when constructing retaining walls because it helps stabilize the structure. Soil nailing is a technique in construction that can be used as a way to treat natural soil slopes that are unstable. A soil nail machine can assist in providing a safe over-steepening of existing or new soil slopes.

Soil Nail

Tieback Machines

These machines are meant to simplify the tieback method to support retaining walls. A tieback is a horizontal rode or wire, but it can also be a helical anchor that reinforces a retaining wall to keep it stable. One end of a tieback is secured to the wall and the other is anchored to a more stable structure like a concrete deadman. A seawall can require a tieback to prevent it from leaning when there is too much water from heavy rain. You can rent tieback machines from some drilling companies, too.


A caisson is a type of retaining structure that is watertight and meant for any application that needs to keep the working environment dry while enabling water to be pumped out. Caissons are commonly used to build a bridge pier’s foundations, as well as to repair ships and building concrete dams.

A pier can be built with an open caisson, but when it is not wise to reach the soil, friction pilings can be driven to provide a good sub-foundation. The piles are then connected using a foundation pad where the column pier will be erected.


Buying Heavy Equipment Online

Construction firms carrying out huge volumes of construction often experience a dilemma of buying or renting heavy machinery. Buying heavy construction equipment is a daunting job and asks for huge investment. However, with the professional technical advisors suggesting the right construction tools, your needs of the project at hand can easily be fulfilled. Whether you want to own heavy equipment or rent construction machinery, you must consider your expenses or establish your budget before finding the right equipment broker. Choosing used heavy equipment can be of great help in terms of expenses. It is therefore important to thoroughly review any website or consult a technical advisor to decide whether you want to buy new/used equipment or rent it. An equipment website also allows customers to identify and isolate great deals in used equipment sales.

Heavy equipment refers to machinery used in various construction projects. And it may range from heavy to light equipment including Cranes, Trucks, Trailers, Vans, Portable Mixers, Asphalt Equipment, Caterpillar Excavators and a lot more. If truth be told, there is a tool for every particular job. In addition, there is a need for finding the right construction machinery as it will save buyers a good amount of money. For example, a backhoe is used to dig and load stuff whereas a bulldozer is used to push heavy loads other than to break hard soil.

When you are looking to buy heavy equipment, you should consider trucks as moving construction materials requires beyond labor support. And when you decide to go for them, you will find different types of trucks available in the market. For instance, some cement trucks contain huge containers that help mixing cement. These trucks prevent you from spending extra money on buying/renting separate cement mixers. So be aware of all options before deciding on any item. Know that a good heavy equipment broker always provides useful information on what exactly a buyer may need and how he can save money. New heavy equipment could extremely be expensive and so renting or opting for used equipment seems like the best option when money is at a premium.

Another advantage to buy heavy equipment online is that you get to find equipment manufactured by renowned names like Caterpillar, Komatsu, John Deere and many more. Dealers, contractors or individuals can also expect great deals from them. Whether you a leading construction contractor or a budding operator, you have to search for discount deals on construction equipment. Break the bars of traditional way of getting bargains. Go online and hunt down money-saving deals as numerous buying and selling heavy equipment websites are running exciting deals on their products and services. So check them out for additional savings.

Today, it is easy to buy heavy equipment right from the comfort of your home. There are great construction machinery websites to visit for your needs of heavy equipment. Buyers can even obtain great deals on antique trucks, Mack dump trucks, end dump trailers, cat dozer crawlers, loaders, excavators, and backhoes.

Benefits of Hiring Construction Equipment over Buying

Are you planning to undertake an expansive construction project and are aiming to complete it safely and successfully with minimal cost? You will need a wide variety of construction tools and equipment for completing various tasks on site and you may get confused when considering the number of construction equipment, their rates, and several other factors. Is it better to hire equipment or buy them? Here are some facts that will help you in deciding these factors and why hiring construction equipment is more beneficial than purchasing it.

Construction equipment and building supplies are indispensable requirements when undertaking any construction project. But, purchasing all essential construction tools and equipment is quite expensive and if you lack qualified and experienced operators then the risk to the lives of ground workers, construction contractors, and passerby increases manifold. Generally, as per the rules practiced in the construction industry, don’t opt to purchase equipment unless you need it at least sixty percent of the time.

Most tools and equipment are quite expensive and leaving them unused at the construction site for more than half the scheduled time not only deteriorates their value but also subjects them to rust and corrosion. So, hiring construction equipment and building supplies turns out to be an appropriate and economical option. Also, you must evaluate how frequently you will need them like whether you require them for just one project or many. If you need these for just one or two projects, then it will be more economical to hire them than purchasing them.

Training the workers for operating complex machineries such as a dumper, brick elevator, scaffolding, and various heavy machineries is time-consuming and taxing for any contractor. If you hire the necessary equipment from a well-known construction equipment supplying company, you may be able to get the service of licensed operators that guarantees the work will get completed quickly, proficiently, and with fewer risks.

Companies that rent out construction equipment such as scaffold hire, brick elevator, mini dumpers, and many more take proper care of these machineries. They clean and oil them up as soon as they receive their equipment back from their clients and keep them ready for the other customers. This eliminates your task of maintaining, cleaning, and checking of each machines’ functionality before every new construction task which would be required if you own them.

Additionally, equipment suppliers have a comprehensive knowledge of which type of equipment is currently in good demand in the market as they cater to numerous clients. As a customer, you get an opportunity to experience the performance and efficiency of new machines that enable you to compare and decide which machinery is more economical and efficient for your other construction projects.

Heavy construction equipment and machineries are capital expenses that are subjected to tax if you purchase them. Value and functionality of equipment and machineries depreciate, even if they lie unused. If you are not careful in deciding whether you should hire or purchase them, you may end up with expensive equipment that you may use once or twice before selling to a reduced resale value. What’s even worse is if quality and safety control rules and guidelines are amended when you own the equipment, its resale value will depreciate even more by the time you finalize to sell it.

Another major issue is fleet management. If you need multiple kinds of equipment, you need to store them properly in appropriate storage space. This is not only taxing in the long run but also inconvenient. Equipment suppliers already have the necessary and well-maintained storage space to store their equipment and machineries. So hiring construction equipment and building supplies will reduce your storage hassles. Additionally, you don’t need to worry about owning a license to hire heavy machineries such as scaffold hire which otherwise you will require if you purchase and transport them.

This is why approaching a construction equipment supplier for hiring necessary construction machineries is a wise decision than buying them.  So whenever you need equipment and machines to complete a construction project, hire them from a well-known supplier without having to shell out for them.


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